Setting Up the Perfect IP Solution

Updated By Digital Marketing Manager, may 25 2018

I thought now would be a good time to talk about setting up the perfect IP solution using Grandstream products. This is a great time to upgrade your business communication hub with a powerful and productive IP network and give your communications a boost.

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Beginner’s Guide to Understanding IP Phones

Updated By Digital Marketing Manager, may 17 2018

As you switch your business phone system to a VoIP solution, some of your office staff may need a bit of knowledge on what it means to start using IP phones and why it’s important for your business. This article will provide a beginner’s level overview of IP phones, how they’re different from landline phones, and why they’re better.

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What's so great about the Grandstream Networking Solution ?

Updated By Digital Marketing Manager, April 30 2018

Grandstream began to build out and expand networking solutions portfolio with a variety of low-End,,mid-range and high-end Wifi Aps and Routers. Grandstream entry into networking market is a major step for Grandstream’s efforts in continuing to offer complete business communication solutions.

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One solid IP solution that fits all communication needs

Updated By Digital Marketing Manager, April 13 2018

Voice over IP (VoIP) was developed in order to provide access to voice communication in any place around the world. In most places, voice communication is quite costly. Consider making a phone call to a person living in a country half the globe away. The first thing you think of in this case is your phone bill! VoIP solves this problem. Switching over to VoIP can Saves time and money as well increase Productivity.
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VoIP Advantage for business

Updated By Digital Marketing Manager, April 4 2018

I was surprised to learn that not many people outside of this industry know what VoIP is. Every time someone new asks me what I do for work and I answer with marketing for Voip technology almost immediately there is look of confusion followed by a “what is VoIP?” question. I’m left wondering,how can anyone Still use analog technology when they could be using VoIP? If you are wondering the same or even what VoIP is you’ve come to the right place.
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